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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Match Report from BT Sheffield AC

Posted by Administrator on January 29, 2011

S.Y.N. Hole in the Wall Wed 26 Jan 2011

Peg 16 Pete Hyde                    14lb 1oz
Peg 15 Roy Dickens                  2lb 8oz
Peg 14 Trevor Leigh                4lb 12oz
Peg 13 Terry Morgan                2lb 6oz
Peg 12 Jeff Clay                        1lb 1oz
Peg 11 Jack Everson                 3lb 2oz
Peg 10 Keith Higginbottom          11oz
Peg 9 Garry Clayton                     15oz
Peg 8 Bernard Farnsworth           10oz
Peg 7 Ted Palmer                          6oz
Winner Pete Hyde Caught Gudgeon, Perch, Roach, Skimmers & Hybrids on red maggot or double fluoro Pinkie at 7 Metres
2nd Trevor Leigh caught Gudgeon, Perch, 3 Roach, and 3 Hybreads
Also Caught a Bream approx 1lb12oz & missed net with it, all on Red Maggot & Flouro Pinkie at 10 Metres.
3rd Jack Everson caught 7 Roach and a Few Perch on red maggot.
Everybody fed Casters as we have had most success here with this bait
yet nobody had a single bite with it.Very few roach caught.


One Response to “Match Report from BT Sheffield AC”
  1. Administrator says:

    Well done boys, good weights for the time of year, and it’s been iced over for weeks.

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