A few words about us

Doncaster & District Angling Association have a proud history going right back to 1911.

Since we started, we have almost been one of the biggest clubs in the North controlling many waters.

In the old days anglers used to travel to the Trent and the rivers of North Yorkshire for their fishing but the scene is much brighter now due to the miraculous transformation of the local River Don and the attached canal system. In fact the Don is likely to become the most prolific of all the Yorkshire Rivers – something that was unthinkable only 20 years ago.

Not only that but Doncaster AA have one of the most feared Match Squads in the country – now newly sponsored by Daiwa and known as Daiwa Doncaster AA..
A selection of Doncaster AA Club Books from 1951

Just look at the image below from the 1951 club book and compare the fish that are available now compared to then!  You’ve never had it so good