New Junction Canal



The canal is wide, around 30 metres, with distinct shelves at around 3m from each edge. The top of the ledges is only a few feet deep, but the main channel is around
7 to 10 feet deep making it fishable through winter.
There is the odd bush and reed bed to be found creating fish holding features.

The main species are Roach and Perch to around 1lb, but Eels, Chub and Bream can put in an appearance if you’re in the right place at the right time.



The safest ploy is to fish the pole at the bottom of the ledge and as far out as you can manage in the weather conditions on the day. Pinkies, Maggots, Caster, Squats and Worms are all safe bets. Low feed value ground bait introduced in 2 to 5 balls at the start of the session should attract and hold the fish for a good while. Go steady on cold days, especially in winter. Loose feed sparingly at first until the fish arrive then tailor the amount to suit the number of bites you’re getting. DO NOT FEED when the canal is towing through hard – you’ll just the spread the fish all over your swim.

The trick to a good net full is to get the feeding right so the fish aren’t overfed but keep it going in regularly enough to keep the fish interested for long periods.

Plan B would be to fish the feeder, either two thirds across, with ground bait for the Bream and Skimmers or tight to the far bank for Chub, especially if you have bushes opposite. If you do find yourself on the Chub, make sure you hit and hold them as soon as you can or they’ll magically attach you to the nearest snag.


For the pole a 1.0 to 1.5 gram float for fishing at full length should be ideal. For the inside a 0.75g to 1.0g should suffice. Shotting should be spread out to allow a slow fall of the hook bait. No.11 spread throughout the bottom third of the rig is about right. Another, heavier rig,

Hooks and hook length should also be light as the fish can be shy otherwise. Hooks between 24 and 20 would be wise, but larger sizes can be used when you’re after the Chub.

To get there by Sat Nav, post codes for bridges are
Sykehouse Road Bridge DN14 9AW
Kirk Lane Bridge DN14 9AN
Sykehouse Lock DN14 9AL
Kirkhouse Green Bridge DN7 5TE
Top Lane Bridge DN7 5SX
Low Lane Bridge DN7 5SR