River Torne




The River Torne is one of the many drains that runs through North Lincolnshire.
It’s only around 13 metres wide but there is a little variety where sections of rushes extend into the water.
Depth is around 4 or 5 feet.
In summer the river can be slow, weedy and clear, but in winter the water is usually coloured due to water being pumped off the fields.
Roach are the predominant species, but the rivers is probably most famous for it’s Pike population. Plenty of fish to over 20lbs are caught every year and jacks to mid singles are commonplace.
Perch, Eels, Gudgeon, Tench and the odd Chub also reside.



For the pike dead baits are king, but spinning comes a very close second.
Caster, Punched Bread or Pinkie are the key methods for the Roach. Hemp and Tares can be great if you find big shoal of Roach.
Pole fishing with a long line is often best but be careful of spooking the fish in the clear water.
Small amounts of loose feed should be fed regularly. If bites don’t come quickly try feeding and fishing further downstream to draw the fish up, then bring them up the river by feeding back at your starting point.


Fish light rigs with No.11 Shot or even better, No.9 styl leads spread out so that the bait falls naturally through the water at the same speed as your loose feed.
Many of your bites from the Roach will come on the drop and will be sharp, so be alert.
Experiment with different feeding patterns until the bites become easier to hit.
Don’t go too light with the lines because of the weed. Try around 1.5 to 2lbs with hooks around a size 22.